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Public Works - Disposal of Spoils Policy

Lower Saucon Township Disposal of Excess Spoils
Lower Saucon Township has excess "spoils" material generated during Township Public Works projects and repairs, which include excess soil and other debris
(e.g. tree roots, blacktop, concrete, cinders and rocks).

Township residents who wish to have any of this material delivered and dumped on their property must complete a Request for Township Spoil Material Form which must be approved by the Township Manager before the material can be delivered and dropped off.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to these deliveries:

  • Township Public Works trucks are not allowed to drive off of the driveway or road surface at any time.
  • Township Public Works trucks may only dump directly onto or off the edge of the driveway.
  • Overhead wires and trees may prevent dumping if the driver determines that he can not safely unload.
  • No Township equipment will be utilized to spread the material.
  • PA One Call, if required, to be made by homeowner.
  • Property Owner is responsible to obtain all necessary permits.

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