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Public Works - Road Maintenance Schedule

Lower Saucon Township 2024 Sweeper Schedule
Please be advised that the Public Works Department is scheduled to begin the annual spring clean-up of streets from winter snow removal operations on April 8, 2024. The sweeping process usually takes two months to complete. The sweeping order is based on the following areas within the Township and are rotated annually to ensure equality for all residents of the Township:

  1. Seidersville Area (West of Mountain Drive and North of Black River Road)
  2. Steel City Area (North of Easton Road to Steel City)
  3. Apple Street Area (North of Wassergass Road to Easton Road)
  4. Wassergass Area (North of Polk Valley Road to Wassergass Road)
  5. Leithsville Area (East of Leithsville Road Rt.412 and South of Polk Valley Road)
  6. Bingen (South of Friedensville Road/Black River Road and West of Leithsville Road Rt.412)
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Public Works - 2023 Road List
Below is the tentative 2023 major road schedule for the Lower Saucon Public Works Department. Please be advised that this schedule may change during the year to take into account loss time due to weather, other projects, budgetary restraints, and condition changes of roads.

Public Works will be applying a surface treatment (oil and chip) to the following roads:

  1. Banko Lane between Lower Saucon Road and 2596 Banko Lane
  2. Bingen Road between Saucon Valley Road and Old Mill Road
  3. Lower Saucon Road between Wassergass Road and Banko Lane
  4. Drifting Drive between Bergstresser Drive and Springfield Township Line
  5. Wilhelm Drive between 3807 and 3765 Wilhelm Drive
  6. Wassergass Road between Reservoir Road and Wilhelm Drive
  7. Valley View Road between Lower Saucon Road and 2760 Valley View Lane
  8. Whitetail Court between Kings Mill Court and cul-de-sac
  9. Kistler Avenue between Rovaldi Avenue and cul-de-sac

Public Work will first apply a surface treatment (oil and chip) and when completed will overlay “blacktop” on the following roads:

  1. Kistler Avenue between University Avenue East and Rovaldi Avenue
  2. Alpine Drive between Lower Saucon Road and Apple Street
  3. Waldheim Road between Wimmer Road and Flint Hill Road
  4. Bingen Road between Black River Road and Saucon Valley Road
  5. Williams Church Road between Crestline Drive and the gasline crossing
  6. Springtown Hill Road between Orchard Road and 2186 Springtown Hill Road
  7. Drifting Drive between Keleman Road and County Line Road
  8. Orchard Road between RT412 Leithsville Road and Moyer Road

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