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Active Transportation Plan

Lower Saucon Township Active Transportation Plan Project Overview
This Active Transportation Plan addresses Lower Saucon Township's desire to create a plan for enhancing and increasing access to recreational, economic, and cultural destinations through safe bicycle and pedestrian routes. The plan explores opportunities to expand and connect existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, multi-use trails and greenways, and public transit. The plan is focused on key areas of the Township, particularly connections to the Saucon Rail Trail, Route 412 corridor, Route 378 corridor, and existing park and recreational facilities. It also considers potential regional connections beyond the Township's borders. The Active Transportation Plan is unique to Lower Saucon Township and identifies short and long term goals with an eye towards implementation.

Below is a link to download the Draft APT for public comment. There are separate PDF files for each chapter, as well as two versions of the full draft plan (one reduced file size).
Click here to view the Draft ATP for public comment. The password is lstATP2021!

The public comment period ended on Monday, August 23, 2021. P

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