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Police - News & Notes

A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Homes
Break-ins happen much more frequently than most people think - and it's always a devastating experience. This guide was developed to help promote safety and prevention awareness. It includes key steps and preventive measures that can go a long way in keeping your home safe and secure while everyone is away. Click here to see the guide.

Police Study Presentation
To view the presentation on the Police Study performed by Matrix, click here.

Exchange/Meet Location
The Lower Saucon Township Police Department has established an area within our public parking lot that can be used as a safe location for making internet purchase exchanges, child custody exchanges, etc.

Like other police departments in the nation, the Police Department saw a need to offer citizens a safe place to make these type of exchanges. The area is located on the west side of the Police Department in the designated parking spaces. The area is well lit and available for use 24 hours a day. The area is covered by surveillance cameras that are recorded; however, the area is not monitored or staffed by officers and we encourage everyone to still be cautious when meeting any person that they do not know.

If a person is unwilling to meet you at the Police Department to conduct a transaction, that should make you highly suspicious of their intentions.

Updated Law for Child Car Seats
June 2016: The updated law for child car seats states that children under two (2) years of age should be in a rear facing seat as long as the child hasn't outgrown the weight limits of the seat. The carrier should also be placed in the rear seat. Click here to see the flyer on "What You Should Know Rear-Facing".

If you have any questions, please call our Police Department at (610) 317-6110.

Social Networking
Staying safe online - it is important to remember that the rules of behavior that apply in person apply online also. Click here to read more.

Phone Scams
Unfortunately, the frequency in which we respond to reports regarding attempted phone scams continues to increase. This is a national problem, and in most cases the perpetrator remains elusive due to their ability to hide their true identity and location, which can be anywhere in the world.

Several government agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Internal Revenue Service maintain websites that educate citizens about these types of scams including how to detect and avoid them.

Visit these sites and learn how NOT to be a victim:

  • Federal Trade Commission - click here.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation - click here.
  • Internal Revenue Service - click here.

As always, any Lower Saucon Township resident who would like to speak to a police officer about a suspected phone scam may phone the Non-Emergency number at 610-759-2200.

Charity Scams
Charity scams take advantage of people’s generosity and kindness by asking for donations to a fake charity or by impersonating a real charity.

Charity scams involve scammers collecting money by pretending to be a real charity. The scammers can approach you in many different ways – on the street, at your home, over the phone, or on the internet. Emails and collection boxes may even be marked with the logos of genuine charities.

Often the scammer will exploit a recent natural disaster or famine that has been in the news. Other scammers play on your emotions by pretending to be from charities that help children who are in it.

Not only do these scams cost people money; they also divert much needed donations away from legitimate charities and causes. You can contact your local Better Business Bureau to see if they have any information about the organization that interest you. If the charity is genuine and you want to make a donation, get the charity’s contact details from the phone book or a trusted website.

If you do not want to donate any money or you are happy with how much you may have donated to charities already, simply ignore the email or letter, hang up the phone, or say no to the person at your door. You do not have to give any money at all.

Protect Yourself

  • Remember: If you have any doubts at all about the person asking for money, do not give them any cash, credit card or bank account details.
  • Caution: Never give out your personal credit card or online account details over the phone unless you made the call and the phone number came from a trusted source.
  • Think: If in doubt, approach an aid organization directly to make a donation or offer support.
  • Investigate: Search the Better Business Bureau to check that the charity that has approached you is genuine.
  • Ask Yourself:How and to whom would I like to make a contribution?

Going On Vacation? Don't Forget To...

  • Contact the Police Department to have a Vacate Check activated.
  • Set lights on timers to make the house look as though it is occupied.
  • Close basement and ground level curtains and blinds.
  • Set alarm and secure the house.
  • Notify alarm company of an emergency contact (if applicable.)
  • Make arrangements to have lawn maintained and plants watered.
  • Have someone collect your mail or contact post office to hold delivery.
  • Make arrangements to have pets cared for.
  • Contact newspaper to stop delivery.
  • Notify all of the above upon your return.
  • Relax and enjoy your vacation!


The burglary basics:

  • Make your home look occupied, and make it difficult to break in.
  • Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed. Even if it is for a short time, lock your doors.
  • Leave lights on when you go out. If you are going to be away for a length of time, connect some lamps to automatic timers to turn them on in the evening and off during the day.
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked.
  • Don't allow daily deliveries of mail, newspapers or flyers build up while you are away. Arrange with the Post Office to hold your mail, or arrange for a friend or neighbor to take them away regularly.
  • Arrange for your lawn to be mowed if you are going away for an extended time.
  • Check your locks on doors and windows and replace them with secure devices as necessary.
  • Push button locks on doorknobs are easy for burglars to open. Install deadbolt locks on all your outside doors.
  • Sliding glass doors are vulnerable. Special locks are available for better security.
  • Other windows may need better locks. Check with a locksmith or hardware store for alternatives.

Don't tempt a thief:

  • Lawn mowers, snow blowers, barbecues and bicycles are best stored out of sight.
  • Always lock your garden sheds and garages.
  • Use curtains on garage and basement windows.
  • Never leave notes on your door such as "Gone Shopping".

Locks...get the best:

  • No lock, regardless of its quality, can be truly effective. Key-in dead bolt locks provide minimum security. Ask a locksmith for advice on your situation.
  • Change locks immediately if your keys are lost or stolen.
  • When moving into a new home, have all locks changed.

Targeting the Outside:

  • Have adequate exterior lighting. A motion-sensitive light is recommended for backyards.
  • Trim trees and shrubs so that they cannot be used as hiding places for intruders.
  • When moving into a new home, have all locks changed.


  • Most windows can be pinned for security.
  • Drill a 3/16 inch hole on a slight downward slant through the inside window frame and halfway into the outside frame - place a nail in the hole to secure the window.


  • An alarm system is excellent for home security. It provides peace of mind to homeowners, especially while on vacation. There is a wide variety of alarm systems on the market.
  • Make several inquiries to different companies for the best security system available to you.

If your home is broken into or you come home to find an unexplained open/broken window or door:

  • Do not enter - the perpentrator may still be inside.
  • Use a neighbor's phone to call police.
  • Do not touch anything or clean up until the police have inspected for evidence.
  • Write down the license plate numbers of any suspicious vehicles.
  • Note the description of any suspicious persons.

    Other precautions you should take:
  • Never leave keys under doormats, flowerpots, mailboxes or other "secret" hiding places -- burglars know where to look for hidden keys.
  • Keep a detailed inventory of your valuable possessions, including a description of the items, date of purchase and original value, and serial numbers, and keep a copy in a safe place away from home -- this is a good precaution in case of fires or other disasters. Make a photographic or video record of valuable objects, heirlooms and antiques. Your insurance company can provide assistance in making and keeping your inventory.
  • Trim your shrubbery around your home to reduce cover for burglars.
  • Be a good neighbor. If you notice anything suspicious in your neighborhood, call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • Mark your valuables with your driver's license number with an engraver. Marked items are harder for a burglar to dispose of and easier for police to recover.
  • Consider installing a burglar alarm system.

The MOST important thing YOU can do is CALL THE POLICE to report a CRIME or any SUSPICIOUS activity. You have to be the eyes of your neighborhood. And remember you can always remain a pair of anonymous eyes!

Remember the three L's of Crime Prevention: LIGHTS, LOCKS and the LAW!

Light up your residence, lock your doors at all times, and call the Law when you see something suspicious.

Lower Saucon Police are warning residents about vehicle break-ins.

Summer is upon us and as we enjoy the nice weather in Lower Saucon Township, please keep in mind that crime is always lurking and looking for an opportunity.

Leave valuables at home, if possible, and always remember to hide your valuables, take the keys out of your vehicle and always lock it.

Residents should be aware of Mystery/Secret Shopper scams. These scams typically begin when an individual responds to an e-mail that is soliciting for individuals to complete “secret shopper” assignments. The scammers then send the individual a Money Order with instructions to deposit the money in their personal account, withdraw and spend a specific amount of money at a specific store as their “assignment,” take a commission for themselves, and then send the remaining balance back with a survey that is to be filled out. Once the victim completes these instructions, they are given more assignments. Eventually, the victim will learn that the original money order was counterfeit – leaving them defrauded of several hundred dollars as well as their time spent.

These types of scams frequently originate from foreign countries and use accomplices in several parts of the United States, making it extremely difficult to track.

For more information on these scams, please click here

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